Tank Book

Because ‘bucket list’ just doesn’t sound right…

  1.  Master the Swedish Language.
  2. Write a book
  3. Have a “family” moment.
  4. Go Snowboarding
  5. Make fresh ravioli
  6. Learn Russian
  7. Learn Hungarian
  8. Learn German
  9. Watch Pulp Fiction
  10. Have fewer possessions
  11. Get the newspaper
  12. Read all my books
  13. Send a book to a stranger
  14. Travel to Germany
  15. Travel to Switzerland
  16. Drive a convertible
  17. Accomplish a great caper
  18. Play bach on the Cello
  19. Learn to shoot with a DSLR camera
  20. Perform in public (again).
  21. Rescue an animal
  22. Rescue a person
  23. Make great friends
  24. Meet interesting people
  25. Make crepes
  26. Buy christmas for a family in need
  27. Write a book for my future kids to read
  28. Meet long lost family members
  29. Research my heritage
  30. Learn Italian
  31. Learn Polish
  32. Keep collecting stamps
  33. Find the perfect Petosky stone
  34. Make jewelry from sea glass
  35. Knit the coziest of sweaters
  36. Knit a red scarf
  37. Win at chess
  38. Hike a tall mountain
  39. Treat my self like I treat others
  40. Thank my parents
  41. Write thank you cards to people who have influenced me.
  42. Make short films
  43. Take pictures of butterflies on flowers
  44. Hold a yoga head stand
  45. Travel to Alaska
  46. Speak French in Canada
  47. Inspire a stranger
  48. Make many mistakes (and learn from them).
  49. Write poetry
  50. Paint a masterpiece
  51. Make a calendar
  52. Cheer for the winning team
  53. Start my own holiday traditions
  54. Pet a squirrel (or raccoon).
  55. Visit Russia
  56. Visit Iceland
  57. Watch the sunrise and set in the same day.
  58. Make memories with people I love.
  59. Tell people I love that I love them everyday.
  60. Stop being afraid to tell people I love them.
  61. Pick a good lock.
  62. Find the perfect compass.
  63. Learn to start a fire with no matches.
  64. Stay out all night.
  65. Take pictures of things that a beautiful.
  66. Try everything.
  67. Find the good in everyone.
  68. Take a stranger to dinner.
  69. Spend a day at the beach collecting rocks.
  70. Own a home.
  71. Make said home my own.
  72. Be my own boss.
  73. Sleep the recommended hours a day.
  74. Never stop finding beautiful sounds.
  75. Give my books away to people who will cherish them.
  76. Touch all things that are soft.
  77. Level up my knife skills (culinary, that is)
  78. Learn a new recipe each month.
  79. Explore Traverse City.
  80. See Niagra Falls.
  81. Play adult volleyball.
  82. Try roller derby.
  83. Go sledding.
  84. Make Brown Sugar Bacon
  85. Roast my own coffee
  86. Make lemon sherbet
  87. Learn ASL
  88. Actually use that ASL.
  89. Ride in a hot air ballon
  90. Send coffee to Coffee with Chrachel
  91. Try to play an accordion.
  92. Get over my fear of icicles.
  93. Elope?
  94. Get a letter from a stranger
  95. Send a letter to a stranger