I am Melissa. Currently 27. At the moment, a hard working young professional. In this instance, juggling life and a myriad of time consuming hobbies. Right now, Im writing this about me section.

The point of this little cubbie on the world wide web is to share words, images, feelings, emotions, and questions. I have a little bit too much in this noggin to keep it all in. If you like what you see or feel at home here, stop and look about you. Contribute. Share. Ask.

I have too many dishes to fit in my cupboards so I always have dishes that need to remain in the dish machine. I love buying groceries but often fail to eat the food (I’m sorry, I know I’m horrible). I can’t call you first and I can’t bring myself to text someone twice in a row. 

You may or may not understand it, or me, but thats 100% okay.

Thank you for your time and smile.

Xoxo, Melissa