Welcome. Please Take your shoes Off at the Door.

  • Under “Blog” you will find my postings. There is no method to that madness.
  • Under “Tank Book” you will find a list of things I want to achieve before my demise.
  • Under “Contact” you will find a place to make a connection with me. (Do people do that still in this day and age?!)
  • Under “Good Beets” you will find a running list of the music that is on my “Favorites list”. I have eclectic taste and am not embarrassed about anything on there. I just find it very interesting to know what songs get peoples brain gears turning, so I provided mine in case you’re curious. Feel free to comment yours too!!
  • Under “Home“… You silly cat, that’s where you are currently reading this 😉 This page will be a dashboard of things to keep in mind and important things to note. Words to read real well, and things you might just quote.


The Current 10 (will update as necessary):

  1. Learn German
  2. Paint more oil pieces
  3. Keep practicing that cello
  4. Ask Therapist what is wrong with me.
  5. Make some bread
  6. When is it going to snow? (It snowed!!)
  7. Tell me you love me again please – You tell me everyday. Thank you. I love you too.
  8. Type on the Typewriter
  9. Finish writing that song
  10. Drive more interesting places. (Manistique and Village Crossing)